Mateus Lemos

Mateus Remos with his horse

I joined the Marcolab lab in February of 2021 as a visiting Ph.D. student from the Federal University of Paraíba, Brazil. During my Master’s Degree studies, I investigated the influence of antibiotics on the microbial diversity of poultry intestinal microbiomes. My doctoral research aims to contribute to animal production by understanding the microbial ecology of the ensilage process. Specifically, I am focusing on cactus fermentation as an alternative ingredient for silage production. In my studies, I am characterizing lactic acid bacteria from cactus fermentations as potential inoculants to improve animal health. As a veterinarian, I am passionate about animals and being surrounded by nature. I’m also a very active person who enjoys traveling and exploring new environments, so I expect not only to get to know more about California, but also from all of the American culture during my stay in the US.